What are the main product in Kodak?

1: Digital photo frame (7”,8” and 10”)

2: WIFI photo frame (8",9.7", 10",14",17.3"23.8",32")

3: New generation digital photo frame


What is your advantage than other brands?

1: Starts from 1880, KODAK has more than 120 years experience in digital photo, we know how to show the photos better

2:Our manufacturer has more than 16 years experience in producing digital photo frame, knows better on the technology and quality control.

How can I distribute your KODAK brand digital photo frame in my country?

If you have good experience and sales channel in consumer electronics products like tablets, cameras and digital photo frame, you can apply to be a distributor of KODAK digital photo frame in your country.


How can I share photos to the KODAK digital photo frame?

1: for normal digital photo frame, you can share the photos to it via SD card or USD drive

2: for WIFI photo frame, you can easily share the photos via your smart phone

Regarding the WIFI photo frame, can all my family send photos to it from different phones?

Sure, one WIFI photo frame can receive photos sent from different phone which belong to different family member

What is your warranty?

Our warranty is 1 year after delivery, We are pays high attention to after-sales service. 

What is the maximum picture size?

The Digital Picture Frame is able to display pictures up to 12 Mega Pixels.

If I keep showing the same photo for a long time, will it damage the LCD screen?

No. The Digital Picture Frame can display the same photo continuously for 1,000 hours without causing damage to its LCD screen.